We are a safe place for you to get information you need. Here are three good reasons why:


A pregnancy test is an indication of pregnancy, it is not proof the pregnancy is healthy and will continue on its own. The test responds to a hormone your body releases when you are pregnant called HCG. However, many pregnancies end in natural miscarriage. Though your HCG levels may still be high, you may not have a viable pregnancy. Ultrasound is the earliest means of detecting a viable pregnancy. Citrus Pregnancy Center provides ultrasound services at no charge to you.


The gestational age (how far along in the pregnancy are you) will determine the type of abortion procedures that are performed at that stage. The type of procedure will determine cost. An ultrasound will provide this information. You will know this information is accurate as we allow you to see the ultrasound, if you so choose. At Citrus Pregnancy Center YOU are in the drivers seat and YOU determine how much and what information you want.


Citrus Pregnancy Center is a non-profit and is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL for everyone, no matter what your circumstances. We are here to assist you with accurate medical information and important facts so you can make an informed decision. Because we do not perform or refer for abortion or make money from any choice you make, there is no pressure – we inform, YOU decide.

Citrus Pregnancy Center is your best 1st choice if you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and are considering an abortion. Knowledge is power. It just makes sense.

Free and Confidential